Monday, 8 July 2013

Heinkel He 177 Wrecks

The photos in this post show two unidentified Heinkel He 177 A bomber wrecks after their discovery by Allied troops. The location of these aircraft and the exact date currently remain unknown to me.

Top photo shows a He 177 A with its entire forward fuselage section missing. The tips of the spinners are painted in a different, lighter colour. An enhanced enlargement of the extreme right of the image (see photo above) reveals what is possibly exactly this missing forward fuselage and cockpit section, resting on its side in the background.

Top photo shows a still somewhat intact He 177 A at the same airfield. The aircraft's DB 610 engines are missing, and the bomb bay doors are open. The main undercarriage doors remain closed, unlike those of the aircraft heading this post.

Bottom photo shows another view of what appears to be the same He 177. Due to the inferior quality of these photos, it is difficult to determine the aircraft's code. Note removable portion of canopy of rear gunner's position lying on the ground, to the left of the horizontal stabilizer. The MK 151 tail gun has been removed.

Also apparent in these photos are the fir trees previously used in an attempt to camouflage the aircraft. (Fischer collection)

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