Monday, 17 June 2013

Junkers W 34

Junkers W 34 hi TD+BL, Werknummer 791, photographed after an emergency landing in a field at Niederneukirchen near St. Florian/Linz, in what was then the Ostmark (i.e., Austria), on March 27, 1940. The reason for the emergency landing is currently unknown to me. Of note is the large under-wing cross. The aircraft was assigned to the FFS A/B 43 as well as to the FFS A/B 71.

An inscription on back of the photo reads: Besatzung: Sendzik - Pilot; Wasmus - Co-Pilot. Besatzung unverletzt, anschliessend besoffen! [Crew: Sendzik - pilot; Wasmus - copilot. Crew uninjured, subsequently drunk!]. The W 34's balloon tyres likely contributed to the safe outcome of a landing on such rough and soft ground. (Fischer collection, aircraft identity confirmation courtesy of the LEMB Stammkennzeichen Database Project)

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